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Steketee, born in Utrecht, The Netherlands, lived as a child in Breukelen aan de Vecht, a small historic village on a beautiful, winding river. Even as a young child, she loved anything art-related. After school, her real life began: painting, drawing, sculpting, writing, dancing and playing the piano. She never missed a class. Steketee graduated cum laude with a master’s degree in art and design from Holland’s Academy of Fine Arts St. Joost.

She moved to Amsterdam after accepting a job with Concepts Amsterdam, BRS Amsterdam and Total Design, one of Europe’s best-known design companies. Some years later, she started her own art and design firm, RoyalDox (Royal Dogs), and quickly gained a reputation for her fresh, surprising approach. After 15 years, Steketee returned to pure art, painting and sculpting for shows in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, where she is still represented.

Label design: Wild (wilderness products)

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In 2002 Steketee took a big step — to the United States, where she planned to spend six months. There she focused on making her own artistic way, working hard to find and express her style in an unknown country. She loved it, and connected with the artistic freedom and diversity she found there. When she went back to Holland, it was to pick up her old dog and her paintings before returning to New York’s Hudson Valley.

Upon arriving in the States, it took Steketee less than an hour to get to The Chelsea Hotel, where – in exchange for a room — she fulfilled a longtime ambition to show her paintings. She also started making sculptured jewelry, which brought her a show at Julie Artisans, a well-established and highly regarded NYC gallery on Madison Avenue. Steketee continues to show at Julie Artisans, and at The Chelsea, where her paintings are included in the permanent collection.

She received two scholarships at the Woodstock School of Art in the State of New York for her work and dedication.

Steketee is an international Certified Reiki Master and a Certified 700 hr ECYT Yoga Teacher. She received a Master degree in Yoga, Yoga Philosophy and Meditation. She teaches yoga privately, meditation, pranayama (breath control) and different styles of yoga: restorative yoga, yin yoga, therapeutic yoga, senior yoga, chair yoga, vinyasa yoga and the more advanced yoga poses. She shares in her teaching the knowledge given to her by her teachers. She is thankful for all the different aspects of yoga they shared with her. 

She has lived and worked for 20 years in the US and has moved back to The Netherlands in 2020. Back in her hometown Breda, she continues to work in the quiet of her studio to find and express her style in both Art and Design.

Annita Steketee
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