‘Yoga is the deep inner relaxation that removes fear. This promotes a balanced body and a peaceful mind. Expect wonders.’

— By Nita Steketee —


Yoga op Zolder Woensdag en Vrijdag 19.30 uur

Kleine klas met maximaal 4 personen. €10 pp per uur

Stuur een mailtje om mee te doen: nitasteketee@gmail.com

The magic of alignment in yoga

Nita is an international Certified Reiki Master and a Certified 700 hr ECYT Yoga Teacher. She received a Master degree in Yoga, Yoga Philosophy and Meditation.

She teaches how Yoga and Meditation can help to recover from injuries, improve muscle tone and strength, break down non-functional habits, and retrain the body and mind to find balance. She has the unique ability to address postural problems, and relieve back, shoulder, and neck pain through the applied practice of different asanas (postures), up-asanas and breath awareness exercises.

Nita in Tadasana/Mountainpose

Her teachings in Yoga are rooted in Classic Yoga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga. Both powerful and at the same time serene in composure. The meditative quality found through alignment is her goal for all levels of yoga she teaches. She founded and directed two Yoga studios: YogaYoga and YogaMonkey in NY and is Director of the YogaAngelNetwork 

She teaches yoga privately, meditation, pranayama (breath control) and different styles of yoga: restorative yoga, yin yoga, therapeutic yoga, senior yoga, chair yoga, vinyasa yoga and the more advanced yoga poses. She shares in her teaching the knowledge given to her by her teachers. She is thankful for all the different aspects of yoga they shared with her. 

Feel free to connect by email for info nitasteketee@gmail.com or to join Yoga-op-Zolder

Nita teaches yoga for all people and ages

YogaMonkey kids yoga is peaceful and actief, it brings you strength and flexibility. At the end of the 6 weeks YogaMonkey Course you receive the YogaMonkey Certificate level 1.

Nita Steketee
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