‘Shape, Form, Color, Line and Light.’

— By Nita Steketee —


In her Art she uses the language of shape, form, color, light and line to create a composition which exists not completely independent from visual references of the world. Her abstraction does indicate a departure from reality as we see it. This departure can be slight or complete. She takes liberties, altering figurative elements and representational (or realistic) art into lyrical abstraction. She received two scholarships at the Woodstock School of Art in the State of New York for her work and dedication.

Steketee graduated cum laude with a master’s degree in art and design from Holland’s Academy of Fine Arts St. Joost.

Shadow: Charcoal on paper 2019

Thunder Storm: Acrylic on Paper 2020

Lorraine, Acrylic on Panel, 2018

Seeds Asleep, Mixed media on Canvas, 2020

The lost painting


‘Steketee’s understanding of reality is filtered through her highly sensitive individual intuition. Derivative elements of previous influential styles or movements are not to be found in her work. The natural components of her surroundings benefit from her love and respect, assuming the proportions dictated by their individual characteristics. Her view of the world is fed by understanding and compassion. Her subjects, illuminated by this view, are never diminished or deprived of their inherent qualities, but rather are enriched by a seemingly insight. A rare talent, found only in the most sensitive of artists.’

— By P. Sokole —

Boys: Acrylic on Canvas, 2017

Sailor 23 – Acrylic on Canvas , 2018

Nita Steketee
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